Welcome into the fairytale

In Storimi’s children’s book app you will find hundreds of popular books. What’s even better is – you can record them. Let your little ones listen to the stories they adore, told by the voices the love, whenever and wherever they wish.

Do what thousands of families have all ready done and download Storimi free today!

European launch - summer 2017

Share the story time and make it ever lasting

Thanks to Storimi you can now make the story time last for ever more. Gather your little ones around you, have your pick of the books and decide which story to read first. Your reading is automatically recorded so that the children can listen to the story whenever they want to. Perfect when you’re making dinner, while you’re on the road or after school. With the click of a single button you can also send the recording to a loved one.

how it works

1. Download Storimi – no registration, no fuss.

2. Choose among hundreds of well known children’s books.

3. Read and turn the pages, just like with a regular book.

4. Listen.

5. Share with the ones you love.

Said about Storimi

A world of books

With Storimi you get access to hundreds of well-known children’s books.

Download the app for free and access four books that let you have all the fun already from start. A subscription is easily started and gives you access to all the books in the app for 5,99 Euro per month. No registration needed and no binding time!

Currently available for iOS in Sweden. European launch – summer 2017.

The perfect travel accessory

Storimi makes the travel time fly by. Read together with children or let them listen to the recorded stories on their own. And voilá – you’re there!

And also in school

Hundreds of pre- and elementary schools use Storimi as an inspirational tool for reading and using the imagination. Thanks to a new collaboration we can soon offer every school in Sweden and in the UK a free school license with full access to all the material in the app as well as the possibility for the class to create and publish their own story for all schools to read and enjoy. The Storimi for Schools app will be launched in September 2017. See more information below for your chance to secure a free account from launch.

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