Everyone can Read

Reading and being read to from an early age is one of the key elements for good results in school. Numerous studies have shown that kids who start reading and are read to from an early age improve their IQ, EQ and literacy to name just a few advantages. Through the sponsorship program “Everyone can Read” we are now able to offer teachers and students in pre- and elementary schools free access to the school specific app Storimi School which will be launched in September 2017. Storimi School will offer hundreds of well-known children’s books and allow school classes to create their own books that can be published in Storimi School for all other schools to read and enjoy. Our Friendship class portal gives teachers the opportunity to connect with other teachers and let their students share their own recordings as a way to connect and learn. No matter what your class choses to do, Storimi School will make reading, story-telling and education more rewarding!

Tools in Storimi School

Record popular stories

Choose among hundreds of the children’s favorite books and let them read the books out loud. Storimi records and gives both teacher and student the possibility to read and listen to the personal sound-book again, wherever and whenever they chose to. Apart from giving the children a proud moment when hearing themselves, teachers get a great tool for tracking their students reading curves.

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Your own fairytale

Create your own fairytale and send it to us using our publishing tool. All stories are published in Storimi School after a review of language has been done. This way, all schools can read and enjoy a truly personal book created by schools and for schools.

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Friendship class

Meet new friends in other schools both in your own country and around Europe and share your recordings with each other. Practice another language or commence a collaboration to learn more about geography, history and religion.

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