Publish your book with Storimi Publishing

First step

Submit your completed children’s book using our simple publishing tool. All you need is a cover page, the book with text and illustrations in pdf format and a short description covering yourself and the work. Submitting a book is of course free!

Review process

After a basic review of your language and story, you are given the opportunity to have your book published in Storimis freemium app (launch September 2017). During three months, users in the app have the possibility to read and use your book for free and it’s during this time we get a sense of your book’s popularity.

Publishing deal

The 10% most read books each month are given the opportunity to sign a publishing deal with Storimi Publishing. In addition to statistics from Storimi’s freemium app, a number of physical copies will be printed for you and us to use for marketing purposes. Your book is automatically published in Storimi’s subscription based app and we also help you start selling through both digital and traditional distribution channels.

A unique business model

Non-exclusive deal

Our goal is for you to succeed. Should you attract additional publisher deals or distribution channels, you are always free to sign additional agreements to reach out with your book.

Global from start

Thanks to Storimi, we are less dependent on nation borders. With the help of our great network of translators and partnership publishing houses in big parts of the world, we believe in quickly helping you reach the global market and attract more customers.

The power in numbers

During the review process, you receive a monthly report on your book’s usage. We believe the greatest strenght for you to reach out is the possibility of showing book stores, publishing houses and other readers that our users love your book. No editor or publisher can better do that job.

Find talents that can help you reach your goals


Get in contact with illustrators that can help you finish your book.


Find translators that can help you translate your book.


Find an animator who can help make your book more interesting in a digital environment.